trailer for Shonda Rhimes’ new show starring Viola Davis

Yassss Miss Shonda!

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“Dove Real Beauty Sketches”

Do yourself a favor and watch this.

You are more beautiful than you think

Every woman needs to watch this. This has changed the way I look at myself. 

Really makes you think about what you project out to the world.

“I worry for my son and the millions of other boys who look like Trayvon Martin. I fear for their safety while doing the most mundane things, like walking to the corner store for a snack in the rain.” Conventional Culture: Trayvon Martin: A Mother’s Fear
“If there is some idea you both cannot write about and cannot let go of, the problem is usually not with the idea. If you are blocked this way, it may be you need approval of some kind you can’t quite admit” Lies Writers Tell Themselves | The Awl
“The week of my wedding I got a phone call from one of my dear friends. She told me that she laughed when she saw me change my relationship status to “engaged” on Facebook. Not because I was engaged, but because of who I was engaged to. “You’ve come full circle” she said.” Conventional Culture: I’m a Married Woman Now!
“I used to be one of those working women that would look at stay-at-home-moms and be like “What do you DO all day”?” Conventional Culture: Act II: The Suburban Housewife
“This was hands down the best book I read this year, if not the last few years. It has been a month since I read this book and I think about the characters every single day. I am haunted by them. Gillian Flynn writes about the most unlikeable people, but they are so flawed that you start to feel sorry for them. This book centers on Libby Day, whose family is massacred and she is the lone survivor. The story follows Libby in her present day struggle, along with her mother and brother’s accounts of that fateful day. I am considering reading the book again. It was seriously that good.”

Dee’s take on Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Conventional Culture: Book Report: ConventionalDee’s Reading List


A Conversation With My 6 Year Old Son, The Jet-Setter

  • Lil Dude: Mommy, guess what happened? There was a loud popping sound on the plane, but we landed safely!
  • Me: Wow, Lil Dude! Mommy is glad you landed safely! Guess what happened here since you've been gone?
  • LD: What?
  • Me: There were earthquakes all afternoon!
  • LD: Really? Maybe that happened because they want me back home... cause that never happens!
“The destruction of Chad and Evelyn’s relationship doesn’t concern me one bit. The relationship was destined to fail, because fidelity was sacrificed for fame and finances. I’m no Evelyn fan, and I’ll never say that this was karma, because no one deserves to be treated that way. I’m not happy that Evelyn was assaulted, but I am happy this sham of a marriage is over.” Conventional Culture: 42 Days and a Headbutt…
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